Most Asked Questions

What Makes Us Different?

We are a family-owned business and have raised animals of all types, breeds and sizes and always considered them part of our family. When we decided to open the camp, we wanted to make sure it was a safe and fun place for to feel good about leaving your furbaby. 



Canine Camping

**additional campers from the same family/address may be added to any accommodation for an additional $15 per night/per additional camper (dependent on size of cabin/suite and total camper weight).**


(determined by campers weight/size)

  • Small (5x4) - $27 nightly
  • Medium (5x6) - $37 nightly
  • Large (5x8) - $47 nightly 

Luxury Suite:

Country Paws - $70 nightly.

It is our luxury suite.  It is the size of a smaller bedroom and completely separate from the other cabins allowing for a quieter camping experience.  It comes with your camper's own sofa, tv, carpet, toys, food/water stations and plenty of outside time as there is no attached outside run.  It is meant to truly feel like home.

Feline Camping:

Suite - $40 nightly

Your feline camper will have access to the entire purr-fect paws camping suite throughout their stay.

Condo - $20 nightly

Your feline will camp in an adorable large multi-level wooden condo.  They will come out periodically for pets and plays as they desire.

Pocket Pets:

Generally speaking the pocket pets are between $7 - $15 per night.  Please call for specifics.


$27 daily


Please call for details

Is someone on the premises 24/7?

YES.  We live on the 11 acres.  When we are not onsite to the camp facility we are monitoring it via our camera, security, and smoke detection systems from our phones/computers. 

Are all breeds and sizes of pets allowed?

YES, all breeds and sizes are welcome. We have various sized cabins and our suite as well as carefully grouping campers by size, age and personality for play time to ensure everybody has a safe and fun visit.  We fully understand some campers don't like other campers (regardless of breed) and we completely respect that boundary.  Please be honest to us with your pet's personality so we are able to keep all campers and staff safe.  Aggressive dogs of any breed and females in heat are NOT allowed.

Are older dogs or dogs with special needs accepted?

YES.  We are honored to care for your senior camper.  We are able to care for most special needs campers including medication  administration (oral and injection) and limited exercise. Please call to discuss the special needs of your camper to ensure we are able to meet their needs safely.   

What vaccinations are required?


  • must be administered at least 14 days prior to camping
  • proof of vaccination is required prior to allowing camper to stay

Canine Camper:   


  • Parvo/Distemper (DHPP, DHLPP, DAPP, Da2PP)
  • Rabies
  • Bordatella

Highly Recommended

  • Canine flu
  • Lepto
  • Current flea/tick prevention
  • Current heartworm prevention

Feline Campers:   


  • Rabies

Highly Recommended

  • Flea/tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention

Do you accept puppies

YES.  We accept puppies starting at 6 months of age.  It is imperative they have received their entire series and boosters of all required vaccinations at minimum 30 days prior to camping.  Vaccination documentation is required. 

Puppy Series

  • Bordetella 
  • Distemper/Parvo (series of 3)
  • Rabies (at age 14 weeks or older),

Highly Recommended

  • Canine Influenza (series of 2)
  • Current flea/tick prevention
  • Current heartworm prevention.

Does my pet need to be on flea prevention?

No, however, prevention is best and we HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you have your camper current on flea/tick prevention.  We are in the woods, therefore there are fleas and ticks around. 

NO  dog/cat with fleas will be accepted.  If we determine after check in there are fleas on your camper we will immediately administer a flea dip, sanitize the areas your camper has been, and wash all fabric with your camper at an expense to the owner. 

If we are not able to contain the flea problem you will be called to come pick up your camper and your camper will be quarantined from all other campers at an expense to the owner. 

Do I bring my pet's food?

It is your choice.

No camper will go hungry. We feed a premium dry food as our "camp food".

Most families bring their camper's own food to keep that consistent through their stay.

If you bring your own food you may bring it individually sectioned out per feeding or a bag of food and let us know how much they get fed.

We are able to accommodate feeding a raw diet however, all ingredients must be prepared and brought from your home.

If your camper is not eating as indicated at check-in we will add canned food, baby food, pumpkin, yogurt, or honestly anything (other than something they are allergic to) to encourage them to eat.

Should I bring their bed, blanket or toys?

Smells are so important to our campers and them feeling comfortable. Therefore you are welcome to bring a blanket/bed, toy, etc.  We do supply an elevated bed, and blankets if needed. We suggest perhaps not bringing their most favorite bed/blanket/toy as their behavior may be different than at home and we don't want any favorites to not go home in the same way it left home.  We make no guarantees what you bring will be returned in good condition.

NO RAWHIDE will be permitted while they are at camp.

Can I tour your facility before boarding?

YES, of course.  We encourage a tour so you and your camper feel comfortable.  Feel free to bring your camper(s) as well if they would like a sneak peak at camp. We are onsite 9-5 m-f although it is best to call to make sure we didn't run offsite briefly.  On Sat/Sun we request you make a reservation for a tour.   

Will you post photos of my pet?

We do our best to post pictures or videos during their stay on Facebook and Instagram.  Please don't be disappointed if you don't see your pet every day.

What happens if my camper requires veterinary attention?

As we all know, animals use their paws and mouths to bump, tumble and play. Teeth and nails do leave marks occasionally. Our Camp Counselors are out with the dogs when in the play yard and the #1 priority is safety. However, every once in a while a cut, bite or abrasion happen. We do inspect each animal at the end of the day and emergency procedures are in place should the need arise. 

We will always attempt to take your camper to it's personal vet if available.  We will call you as soon as we can if an incident occurs. 

If your vet is unavailable or we deem the incident to be too emergent and the closest vet is necessary we will take them to the nearest vet.  We will be building a network of veterinarians in closest proximity to our camp that will be available for emergencies for all of our campers if needed.  

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